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The PivotMindset Blueprint

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The PivotMindset Blueprint equips you with tools that’ll help you transform your life:

After years of being stuck in a vicious cycle of battling with depression, self judgement and unhealthy eating habits, I realised that if I wanted to change my life, and amount to something, I needed to change what was within me.

It was only when I looked inward did I find a way to nurture a new relationship with myself and begin my journey of healing and recuperating.

I studied the functioning of the brain and was amazed to find that it was really possible to master your mind and re-engineer your thoughts and beliefs to create outcomes that you desire. While things obviously don’t go according to plan each time, I came to the conclusion that having an

understanding of your own emotions helps you to navigate through tough situations.

Over the past two decades, I have discovered more about how to reprogramme the brain, qualified as a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and studied neuroplasticity - all of which still continues to fascinate me.

And I want to pass that knowledge to you through The PivotMindset Blueprint course. It’s especially designed to help you learn about your brain and how to change it in order to adapt easily, manage your well-being and transform your problems.

I’d love to have you join me on this exhilarating journey of self discovery and healing.....

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PivotMindset Blueprint Online Short Course


Create Your Very Own Pivot Mindset Blueprint

What will you get in this blueprint?

  • You will learn how to change your thinking and adapt your mindset in under 7 days!!

  • You will learn about your brain and how to change it to adapt easily, manage your well-being and transform your problems.

  • You will find out how to develop neural pathways and gain self-command over your mind.

  • You will learn how to expand your thinking to pivot your mindset.

  • You will receive reflective questions and practical exercises to follow over a period of 7 days

  • You will be able to create a resilient structure for pivoting your mindset in the future.

  • You will learn to switch your mental modes and different parts of your brain will be activated.

The PivotMindset Blueprint 7-day course is not available through mainstream sources, the concepts here are foundational for mental fitness and the importance of this topic cannot be overstated.

Get Your Very Own Pivot Mindset Blueprint And Improve Your Mental Health In Under 7 Days!

The PivotMindset Blueprint is a short 7-Day course where you will learn how to alter and re-engineer years of programming and dysfunctional behaviour enabling you to shift your perspective and open up doors of opportunities to create a life worth living.

During this short course, you will have reflective questions and practical exercises to follow over a period of 7 days. The objective is for you to create a resilient structure for pivoting your mindset in the future by helping you create new neural pathways that will enable you to navigate uncharted territory without feeling overwhelmed and lost.

As a result of completing these exercises you’ll learn to switch your mental modes and different parts of your brain will be activated. By following the PivotMindset Blueprint closely, you will teach your brain to become more agile and learn how to reprogramme your thinking.

You will learn about the importance of change, embracing adversity, tension and resistance, mental fitness, vibrational energy and much more in these seven days. 

7-Day Blueprint Contents:

Part 1 - What is change and what impact does it have?

Part 2 - Embracing Adversity

Part 3 - Tension and Resistance

Part 4 - Mental Fitness

Part 5 - Vibrational Energy

Part 6 - How to Pivot Your Mindset

Part 7 - Tips to Manage Your Mental Well-Being and Strengthen Your Future Resilience

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PivotMindset Blueprint Online Short Course