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Caked In Dust

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A shy kitchenhand. A sultry ex-fireman. And a town’s tradition is about to be tested…

There’ll be no escaping her reputation now, not when Lucy’s hopes of running her own kitchen are derailed by the new guy, Jax. In minutes, he’s managed to stir up the locals and condemn an institution—leaving Lucy jobless!

Bound by a promise to bury his past, Jax’s outback survival is off to an uneasy start as he tries to renovate a deserted farmhouse the wildlife has claimed as their own. In need of help, Jax volunteers to assist Lucy as she tries to flip her fried reputation via a crazy-train of trials. In return, she’ll guide him as they explore the boundaries of family, friendship, and his land.

A land that hides a secret Lucy is entrusted to keep.

A secret that stands between her dreams and the man she loves…

From the bestselling author of the much-adored Elsie Creek Series, the romantic adventure continues in this fun, tasty test of trust, love, and dusty outback traditions, revealing that the perfect recipe for happiness in the home is much bigger than a house—it’s a town.

**The Elsie Creek Series can be enjoyed as a standalone or beautifully binged in order**

Are you ready to Escape to a HAPPILY EVER AFTER?

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