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Bylaws & Minutes (with Videos)

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This set of bylaws and minutes is ideal for the C-Corp/LLC combination. Over 60 pages for each entity, this product gives full flexibility for the corporate structure which needs to be able to ANY kind of legal business with maximum tax reduction and asset protection.

Sections of both Minutes creates the purchase of the LLC by the C-Corp as well as templates which can be used for ongoing compliance. Items in [brackets] are to be replaced with your information easily in Microsoft Word (the documents are in .doc format).

Then, you'll receive links to several videos to download which go through each section of the bylaws and minutes by Mark Lewis as well as other ancillary materials.

You'll also receive a copy of Mark's book "Incorporate for Freedom: Corporate Structures of the Elite."

This set of bylaws and minutes is a MUST HAVE for anyone hoping to have maximum freedom with their structures.

You will get the following files:
  • PDF (1MB)
  • PDF (11MB)
  • DOC (78KB)
  • DOC (84KB)
  • DOCX (80KB)
  • DOCX (75KB)
  • MP4 (2GB)
  • MP4 (747MB)