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The Inspired Wisdom of Sri Gajanana Maharaj: A Practical Commentary on Leading an Effectual Spiritual Life

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Sri Gajanana Maharaj was a unique spiritual teacher from India whose teachings on the practice of Soham Yoga has helped many. Swami Nirmalananda says the following about why he wrote this commentary (The Inspired Wisdom of Sri Gajanana Maharaj):

“Over time I came to realize that much of Gajanana Maharaj’s teachings which naturally assumed a wide knowledge of Yoga and Dharma (Sanatana Dharma) on the part of his Indian friends would only be partially understood by many Western readers through no fault of their own, however sincere their desire to do so. They needed a clarification and even an expansion of his meaning to get the right understanding of his words. This is especially true considering the words of an anonymous disciple of Maharaj who wrote about his biography (which is included in Light of Soham): “I think that the present work-the life of Sri Gajanana Maharaj-has come into existence for the sake of those human souls who have been reborn in the Western Countries, but were in their previous lives followers of the Nath Pantha.”
“This commentary is meant to help my friends who, like me, have found the words of Gajanana Maharaj a ‘light in the darkness'”

What Readers Say about The Inspired Wisdom of Sri Gajanana Maharaj:

★★★★★ “This is the kind of book to keep by your meditation space that you can simply pick up, read a paragraph or two from it before you begin your Sadhana to remind you of the immeasurable importance of it, and then begin meditating.” –Dylan Grant

★★★★★  “Abbot George Burke again delivers with a book of transcendence.” –Stanley Wroblewski

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