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Do any of those words describe you an entrepreneur or small business enterprise trying to do it all yourself?

If you answered yes, then this is a great place to start.  Even with a minimal budget or no budget at all, Interns are a great way to build your team and open the opportunities to gain new clients and nurture the ones you have through the power of delegation.

So, What Will You Learn?
  1. How to systematize how you work with Interns through the application of lesson plans.
  2. How to ensure your Interns experience is a learning experience and not just doing random tasks
  3. Hot to utilize terminology that College Interns understand

The Ultimate Intern Course is all about positioning your brand to been seen in the marketplace as the Company to work at for the up and coming next generation of professionally developed individuals.

Start with: "Welcome to The Ultimate Intern Experience" Video

Included: Worksheets for each module in part 1 & 2

You will get the following files:
  • MP4 (9MB)
  • MP4 (10MB)
  • MP4 (16MB)
  • MP4 (8MB)
  • WMV (35MB)
  • WMV (86MB)
  • WMV (116MB)
  • WMV (134MB)
  • PDF (936KB)
  • PDF (934KB)
  • PDF (958KB)
  • PDF (936KB)
  • PDF (937KB)
  • PDF (790KB)
  • PDF (826KB)
  • PDF (793KB)
  • PDF (902KB)

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