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The Night Season (autographed paperback)

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“Dr. Matthews curated heaven’s guide for understanding the dream realm in a powerfully creative and spiritually provoking way.”
~Dora N. Watkins, Doctoral Student and Research Scientist

Do you often forget your dreams?

Are your dreams like movies?

Do you have multiple dreams at night?

Are you afraid to fall asleep at night?

Do you have nightmares?

Are you exhausted and hardly ever sleep?

Dreams are not just meaningless images or imageries engineered by your previous meal! Dreams can carry deep, personal messages from God and provide key information for your future. If you’re curious about your dreams and desire to learn more about this phenomenon, all of the questions above and more are covered in The Night Season: Unlocking the Mystery of Your Dreams!  This practical training manual is specifically designed to equip believers to properly interpret their dreams with the Word of God and a relationship with Jesus Christ as their solid foundation.

Author and dream analyst Dr. De’Andrea Matthews delves deep into explaining the significance of dreams in a simple, practical way. Dream symbolism and interpretation deliver messages from the spirit realm that should always include revelation and insight from God. Never discount the significance of your dreams. Learn how to move beyond apathy, fear, and the unknown to unlocking the mystery of your dreams!

Pre-order your autographed copy of the paperback version today. Book release date: Friday, November 11, 2022.