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It's Not Just A Theory

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Author:  J. Bartholomew Walker
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Biblical analysis not commentary.

A Monograph Examining the Relationship Between Behavior and Longevity-According to Both Science and the Scriptures

Most are familiar with other paradoxical situations where the outcome is much different. Few have not heard stories about the friend, relative, or famous person who did everything "right;" yet nevertheless passed on at an incredibly young age. And there is always that one who did everything "wrong;" and yet outlived even the children of all of his or her contemporaries.

Doing what is healthy in the material-is good. However; this material contribution to health and longevity is dwarfed by man's other; but only seemingly; unrelated behaviors. As just one example; science is merely scratching the surface, when speaking of stress (immaterial) as it relates to health and longevity.

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ISBN: 978-1-948219-23-5
Publisher :  Quadrakoff Publications Group, LLC
Publication date: 2021, 2019 
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