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Swimming For Air: Messing Up Magic, Book 2

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A lie meant to protect her could lead to her destruction...

Sylvia’s brother, Theo, reveals the unimaginable—their parents were anything but human. Her half-brother may be a dragon, but Sylvia inherited both their parents’ magic. Her life was already complicated; now the sudden appearance of a handsome, haughty Djinn with anger management issues doubles the tension. She is both drawn to and repulsed by Rafi, which adds to her confusion.

Rafi feels shaken when he meets the sweet and sexy Sylvia. How can he—a sworn hater of humanity—be attracted to a human?! He can’t deny the power she holds over him or his raging desire for her. As he struggles, determined to win Sylvia and become her forever lover, his own magical brother’s growing madness and violence threatens to overwhelm them all.

Sylvia learns there’s a spell covering her, one meant to protect her and hide her magic. She struggles to break the protecting enchantment so she can fight, alongside her brother, against the pestilence that is coming. Is Rafi on their side, or will the fidelity of brotherhood bind him to evil?

Facing a master of magic, Sylvia knows her steadfast belief in the human heart and harmony within the forces of the earth isn’t much use. As she races to find the answer to unlocking her magic, she can’t help wondering if their love—connecting Rafi’s wind and her water—can find balance and be enough to protect them and those they love from a force intent on their destruction.


Sylvia is a saver. She believes deeply in making the world a better place. Rafi? Not so much. Yet the sparks fly when these two connect. Two polar opposite agendas fight a pull they can't deny. Don't miss their story!

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