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From Ash and Ruin - ebook

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This EBook is provided in epub, mobi, and pdf formats.

"I want you know what's it's like for a hero when they fight in a war..."

"When we finally came out of the root cellar, the house was gone, the barn was gone, and the king was dead. The fields had been burned. The dray horses were charred bones weeks old. The cow was missing, undoubtedly a meal for troops. In the distance, the castle which had once stood proudly was now a blackened lump, its towers like broken fingers in a burnt hand reaching upward for one last sign of hope."

This is the tale of the war against the necromancer, Calemstraz, from the man who was one of its greatest heroes. Far from being a story of glorious victories, it is a tale of struggle, of loss, and the heartbreak of separation.

Book One of this four-part series, From Ash and Ruin begins an epic story in the vein of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.  Politics, greed, envy, and pride all have their place in a tale that slowly engulfs the world of Merea.

Enter a world of magic, fantastic beasts, and fabled races.  Get your copy of From Ash and Ruin today!
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