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the sound of healing by Chidambar Navalgund

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“In his first collection of twenty micro (and nano) poems, Chidambar Navalgund captures moments from his life, his breath pausing at each juncture to process loss, helplessness, acceptance, and perhaps, making sense of existence itself. The words exude a depth of knowledge of his traditions and yet, he goes beyond, to rely on his inner strength as he traverses the bumpy road to healing. In the final analysis, what is important? As the poet writes: ‘between response & stimuli being human’.”

— Geethanjali Rajan, Haiku Editor of cattails

About the Author:

Chidambar Navalgund, from Belagavi, India, is a graduate in Criminology.  He currently works as a freelance Social Media Manager. His interests include visual and found poetry, especially collage along with photography. Chidambar’s work has appeared in Failed Haiku, Otoliths, Prune Juice, Sonic Boom, tinywords, and Unlost Journal, among others. He aspires to be a civil servant.
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