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Journey Towards Purpose Course 3

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What is the Journey Towards Purpose Program (J2P)? The J2P is a personal development program designed to guide its participants to live a more fulfilled life through the use of intentional steps and processes. As they travel through the exercises and participate in the discussions they will lead to self discovery. These steps are necessary to be enlightened, emPOWERed and educated in order to achieve their personal goals.

The curriculum is based on 5 pillars: PASSION, PURPOSE, MENTORSHIP, WORK, and LEADERSHIP. It is our belief that by identifying your PASSION and PURPOSE our participants will make better decisions as it pertains to self worth, ethics, and community service. Upon completion of this program participants will decrease negative and non-productive behaviors that are barriers to achieving the success they are NOW committed to achieve. And finally our program participants will be able to identify life goals and produce a plan to achieve said goals in realistic manageable steps.

The lessons are designed to be completed 6 to 8 weeks with the guidance of a Certified Purpose Coach. Each section also has a portion for participants to journal their experience by writing about your feelings, conclusions, next steps, and certainly those light bulb moments that bring them to a better place.

For more information on participating in J2P or if you are interested in becoming a Purpose Coach you can register for a 2 day intensive training by reaching out to
Kiwan N. Fitch-Webster at or Calling 803-609-3408.
You will get a PPTX (2MB) file



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