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Prayer ... That Actually Makes A Difference (Physical Book with FREE e-book bonus)

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You can pray differently and your prayers can be more effective. In this revealing book, Mark A. Dixon breaks down old approaches to prayer that are based on Old Testament theology and understanding. He then suggests powerful New Covenant approaches to prayer that will align your mind and intentions with those of God, ensuring better results and a Confidence that you've been lacking. Order your physical copy of Prayer ... That Actually Makes A Difference today and for a limited time, you'll also receive a coupon code (via email) to instantly download the e-book version ABSOLUTELY FREE! That's a combined value of $32.92 (Audiobook version wll also be available soon.)

Prayer can indeed "change things" but the very first and most powerful changes come when prayer changes YOU. This won't happen praying the same-old-same-old prayers that have been handed down through stale religious tradition. You will need to learn to pray differently, and this book will show you how as well as why you should. Don't wait any longer get your hands on Prayer ... That Actually Makes A Difference today and begin living the Life God intends for you!

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