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Fiji - smart itineraries for independent travellers

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If you don't fancy to travel in a random group with a guide...
If you do not look forward to staying at regular hotel resorts...
If you want to actively discover a different country and experience what it offers but still relax when you suddenly feel like it...
If you lack the time or desire to prepare the many details of your journey yourself...
Well, then you can still be the creator of your own experiences and travel on your own. With our itinerary!

Don't buy a pig in a poke. Download our sample itinerary for free.

What the itinerary can offer:
  • Choose the length of your stay according to your own preference. (If in combination with Australia or New Zealand we recommend a 5-day stay at least.)
  • Preferably stay on smaller islands because of nicer environment and higher probability of better weather.
  • Practical tips related to accommodation, inter-island transportation (boat or seaplane), food and shops, health and safety, local language and weather.
  • Detailed and very exact recommendation of places to stay, which you can choose from based upon the following criteria:
    • how much time you are willing to spend traveling to the island after your international flight to Fiji,
    • with air conditioning or without, or maybe even a place where they do not have any electricity at night,
    • meals for vegetarians and/or celiacs,
    • idyllic island accommodation, some may say commercial but beautiful, even if expensive, with a pool and the possibility to go online if necessary or desired (may be subject to a fee and accessible in specified premises only),
    • simple (but definitely clean) accommodation, non-commercial “natural” Fiji, more isolated, fewer guests allow for a more personal approach, suitable for those who do not need a pool, cellular network or to be online (e.g. eco resort or isolated island),
    • family friendly hotels,
    • accommodation for active divers or those who wish to learn or get better at diving while instructed by experienced dive masters.
  • Links you can click on in order to directly book any of the recommended services for reasonable prices and to obtain further detailed information.
  • Unlike our other itineraries, in this itinerary we do not recommend individual activities and places for trips. The itinerary will help you choose one or more small islands that offer more or less the same activities, all the information about which the chosen accommodation facility will provide.
  • You can open the itinerary in any application for reading e-books in EPUB format, e.g. in Apple Books. The text automatically adjusts to the screen size.
We found ten reasons to choose our itinerary. Try to see for yourself and you will surely find more...
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