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CV - Second Review

With Amanda Herzog

Get A Second Review

This service is an extension of the CV - First Review. If you have already had a first review session with me and made updates to your CV, you can book this service to receive a 30-minute additional meeting where I will review your changes and answer any questions you have about the process.

What To Expect

Here is what you can do to prepare:

  • Provide a copy of your updated CV
  • Come to the meeting with any questions you need answered about the editing process or next steps in optimising your CV 
  • Schedule your 30-minute meeting using the Calendly link provided below. If you need a custom day/time not listed write an email to us (listed below) to schedule it manually.

During our 30-minute meeting, I will review your new changes and give feedback to let you know if it's in the right direction or needs more updates. You can also ask any remaining questions about your CV, how to use it, edit it, etc.

If you have any questions about how to better prepare, please send an email to See you soon!


CV - Second Review


Frequently Asked Questions

If I'm not happy with my purchase can I get a refund?

Please in get contact at any time if you're not satisfied with your coaching. We do our best to ensure all clients are happy and need to determine on a case-by-case basis the eligibility of refunds.

How does appointment scheduling work?

When you've completed purchasing you'll be able to login to your coaching account and can find out the next steps required to book a time for your appointment from there.

What is the difference between the 30-minute and 60-minute consultation?

30 minutes are good for general inquiries and research about living and working in Sweden. 60 minutes will help you to make a personalized strategy for a specific professional goal you have.

Is it possible to buy a consultation more than once?

For sure! You simply need to purchase a consultation again and will be able to get access to another set of consultation sessions.

About Amanda Herzog

Amanda is the Founder of Intertalents in Sweden®, a company on a mission to empower foreign-born professionals toward career success in Sweden. She is a career coach and offers consultations, online courses, e-books, and more to help internationals Crack the Swedish Code by understanding Swedish culture in more detail than what can be found on a Google blog post. Follow her on LinkedIn to experience more about what she has learned after living in Sweden for 8 years as an expat. All links are shown at the bottom of this page.