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24 K Gold Money Manifestations Pkg.

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Magical Money Manifestation
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This is your 24 k Gold program. It contains  Magical MP3'S which will open up your Divine Money Chakra, eliminating negative energy and beliefs with ease. Then we'll be turning on your Master Manifestor to align you with 24 k Gold Magnetization!

This package has changed over 25,000 peoples lives!
After having several sessions with Marlenea, and using her modules, my entire life changed! I suddenly was hired for an awesome position after being out of work for a long time.  Suddenly out of the blue, My father just gave me 3,400 square foot home, no mortgage or rent. Magic or  Miracle I say it's both! I just had to share this with everyone. I'm not sure what Marlenea has but whatever power it is, it's amazing! Just amazing! Mary
Miracle Money:
its like someone turned on the lights. I didn't know how to get money as simple as it is. I needed to expect that money was looking for me! first  i started to see miracles, and miracle money started to find me.  Thank you name witheld for privacy
I would like to write a testimonial about my experience of working with Marlena Johnson.   I have been working for years, trying to shift my money blocks for such a very long time.  When I came across Marlena, she was a Special Guest Speaker on a manifesting course I was part of.  Marlena guided us through her '24kt Gold Magic Money Miracles Meditation'This meditation alone was so fantastic!!  I'm not a visual person & normally I find it challenging to follow along a Guided Meditation.  However, Marlena's  24kt Gold Guided Meditation was profoundly different & I loved every minute of it.  The guided journey was not only visually beautiful & Magical!  It was so easy for me to follow along with, and it was incredibly powerful, based on the Energy Shifts that have occurred for me since!Immediately after this 24kt Gold Money Miracles Meditation with Marlena, I noticed some incredible signs, that something had SHIFTED ENERGETICALLY   I opened my eyes after having them closed during the Money Miracles Process & noticed a very unusal colour coming into the room, so I pulled back the curtains & there was a brilliant rainbow with Golden streams of light behind it.  (It had been a very grey cloudy overcast day, so the light was such a bright contrast.)I felt very strongly that this Rainbow & the Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow, was a sign that Transformation of my money blocks had occurred.  Not only did I experience this sign, but I felt that I had embodied Marlena's process.  Despite still having very little money to speak of, I felt much lighter & started noticing lots of little things opening up for me!  I may not have attracted my millions of dollars as yet, but I have indeed attracted some very unusual surprises. A complimentary coffee gifted to me (unexpectedly) then when I was buying my daughters birthday gift I was given an (unexpected) 50% off the price tag.  The next day as I was leaving our local supermarket, the cashier (unexpectedly) said 'oh congratulations diana, next time you shop here, you'll receive $20 off your total bill'.  Then the very next morning, I went to the atm to withdraw the last $20 cash I had left until payday and (unexpectedly) $80 mysteriously appeared   ??    All of these are little signs of an energy shift, a transformation of my money blocks, and it has all happened since that one powerful 24kt Gold Guided Meditation with Marlena.  I cannot wait to start using her beautiful MP3's.Marlena is clearly very Gifted, and what I really like about her, is as well as being quite Magical, she is also very down to earth, she offers practical tools & is incredibly generous with her gifts.  If she can shift my Money Blocks, she can do the same with yours! I highly recommend Marlena & genuinely look forward to working with her one on one to shift more of my un-conscious blocks, as well as using her beautiful, powerful MP3's.
In Heartfelt Appreciation 
from Diana (Australia)
God delivered a car into my front yard, totally FREE family.  There it is. NAME WITHELD FOR PRIVACY
Marlenea, you are an amazing manifestor! As you know I am a REALTOR. I was trying to sell my million dollar home for the past 7 years. I wanted to move with my husband into a new home. He and I were separated due to this home. I contacted you, we had an incredible session and I bought your Money Manifestaions Package. I started listening immediately.I soaked up all these money vibes. With the instructions you gave me and these awesome mp3's, I tell you now, I sold my home within 7 days! I still can not believe this! I am telling all my friends about you. I am sending you a Thank You gift for what you made happen. The inpossible became possible!
Shocked in Fl. Laurie
You will get the following files:
  • MP3 (9MB)
  • MP3 (21MB)
  • MP3 (34MB)
  • MP3 (18MB)
  • MP3 (27MB)
  • MP3 (4MB)
  • MP3 (9MB)
  • MP3 (38MB)
  • MP3 (16MB)
  • MP3 (38MB)
  • MP3 (8MB)
  • MP3 (17MB)
  • MP3 (24MB)
  • MP3 (24MB)
  • MP3 (23MB)