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ULD Unit Load Device Specifications PDF

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Unit Load Devices (known as ULDs), are specially designed cargo pallets and containers that are used to load freight, luggage and mail onto aircraft. These devices allow large quantities of cargo to be bundled and strapped together securely onto 1 mobile unit, so they can safely and securely transported.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is responsible for publishing regulations around the use of Unit Load Devices. They can also be referred to as a cargo pallet or a PMC pallet.

Download the Specifications PDF to get detailed sizes and specifications of all types of ULDs, including:

LD-1,  LD-2,  LD-3,  LD-3 Reefer,  LD-4,  LD-6,  LD-7,  LD-7 with Folding Wings,  LD-7 with Angled Wings,  LD-8,  LD-9,  LD-9 Reefer,  LD-11,  LD-26,  LD-29,  LD-29 Reefer,  LD-39,  M-1,  M-1H,  M-2,  M-6,  M-6 (188”H),  M-6 Twin Car Pack,  MDP,  PLA Half Pallet,  PMC/P6P Pallet,  PNA Half Pallet,  Demi
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