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Reclaimed Haven: Murder on Second

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Ashley Stone’s new job leaped from dream to nightmare faster than you can say “small-town murder.” Swept into an unimaginable vortex of international intrigue and global terrorism, Ashley has to somehow untangle the motives of a clearly insane mastermind. This is, of course, assuming she can subdue her own demon… a secret so breathtaking she can barely acknowledge it.

Dashing Ned Stevens fell hard for Ashley. This former one-hit-wonder, boy band member finally met the woman of his dreams… but her inner demons may tear them apart. To make matters worse, has his blind adoration made him unable to protect her from the sinister forces descending upon the once tranquil Crossroads?

Abductions, unbridled mayhem, and of course, vicious murder… cruel elements combine to tear Ashley and Ned’s pristine love apart. Can they reclaim their safe haven?

This is book 2 in the Reclaimed Haven Trilogy.
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