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Cheap Kit Lenses Are Amazing: Here is Why

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Most professional photographers will advise you to stay away from kit lenses due to the nasty reputation kit lenses have. People are trashing kit lenses everywhere; on blogs, on youtube, even in the marketplace! But I have a different opinion about cheap kit lenses.

What is a kit lens?
In simple terms, a kit lens is a lens bundled with your camera from the camera store when you buy a new camera. They can be seen as starter lenses. Cheap Kit lenses, in most cases, have a focal range of 18-55mm but it is not always the case as. I think the kit lens is awesome and gives real value for money (I hope the “big boys” ain’t reading this). I have taken my time to compile some reasons why cheap lenses are awesome, so grab a bottle of coke, put on your reading glasses and let us ROCK N ROLL! Here is why I think cheap kit lenses are awesome:

Kit lenses are generally cheap, they won’t break your bank account and you don’t have to be a pop star to buy a kit lens. The Nikon 18-55mm, Canon 18-55mm and sony SEL 18-55 mm cost below forty thousand naira in Nigeria. You don’t believe me? Then click HERE.

Kit lenses are versatile, you can use them for a wide range of shooting conditions like landscape, portraits, movies ETC. It is just like having several lenses wrapped up all in one lens. Kit lenses feature a wide range of useful focal lengths(most kit lenses are usually zoomed lenses), just perfect for our very own “kpa-kpa-kpa” and “same” photographers.

Kit lenses provide beginner photographers and videographers enough room for exploration and experimentation. Using a kit lens enables beginner photographers and videographers make a quick decision on the kind of lens that actually suit their needs because using a kit lens is like trying out different kind of lens, you get to choose which lens is best for you in no time.

If you are a travel photographer, definitely you will know the value of “traveling light”. Logging around huge lenses and other camera accessories during a trip is just a no-no for most photographers. You can just grab your cheap lightweight kit lens and throw it on your camera. Boy, you are good to go! Kit lenses are lightweight and generally small in size.

Image Quality
Kit lenses produce a reasonable “dose of” image quality. While you can’t actually get that tack sharp image and delicate bokeh with your cheap kit lens, you sure can produce good quality images if you know exactly what you are doing. Hey! Don’t go about blaming your kit lens for the nasty images you have be chunking out, maybe it is you and not the lens you have the problem after all.

Kit lenses are everywhere, you can find them in every nook and cranny of planet earth. Kit lenses are cheap and quite easy to make and that is why camera manufacturers have sworn to keep mass-producing kit lenses. You can find kit lenses from Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus, Sony, fuji film and pentax in almost every camera store in Nigeria.

Well, everything in life has got limitations, even that two hundred thousand naira lens has got limitations too. Now here is the deal: we need to realise those limitations and work in harmony with them in order not blame our tools at the end of day. I will talk about the limitations of kit lenses in my subsequent articles.
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