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Cacao Alchemy is a research and recipe development project in which we deep dived into the chemistry of chocolate and how it impacts the mind and the body. We developed a series of cacao-based recipes with different effects that, besides being super tasty, are beneficial for our well-being.

We’ve written an introductory history of cacao, also covering relevant issues regarding its trade and production worldwide. We also explain many of the concepts related to cacao, as the concept of bean-to-bar chocolates. We’ve researched the scientifically proven facts on how beneficial cacao is for our organism, and we’ve also debunked some of the most common myths that surround this amazing food.

We’ve developed and tested a set of recipes that, along with other fascinating (and easy to find) ingredients, will give you from energy boosts to higher libido. One of them will even make you have more vivid dreams and remember them!

With this publication we wanted to bring back part of the original symbolism of cacao, when its uses were ritual and not recreational, and its many properties on mental and physical health were revered. Nowadays, that same ingredient has turned into a simple industrially produced, unhealthy chocolate bar. We hope it will help you appreciate good quality cacao!

You are downloading the English version, go to our profile if you prefer the Spanish one. You can choose how much to pay —yes, even 0! But remember that part of the profits will go to a non-profit organisation!
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