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Huntress of the Star Empire: The Complete Series by Athena Grayson

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After surprise alien attacks left Treska Sivekka's body broken and her mind a blank slate, the Union rebuilt her into its weapon and taught her to seek out the psypaths whose uncanny powers threaten the new security state. Micah Ariesis is the last psypath and he's taking a desperate chance to strike at the heart of the Union that hunted his kind to near-extinction--the Huntress ready to deliver him to its deepest prison.

With every scumbag in the solar system on their tails from the outer worlds to the beating heart of the empire, the secrets surrounding Treska's missing memories begin to reveal themselves and Micah may be the only one she can trust to get to the truth. The secrets locked in Treska's missing memories can bring down the Union--if he can get out of her handcuffs and into her mind.
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Huntress of the Star Empire #2: The Snare


Huntress of the Star Empire #3: The Catch


Huntress of the Star Empire #4: The Release