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The crypto passive income strategy mining report

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Having a crypto mining passive income is the goal for all and anyone pursuing the cryptocurrency dream, however you will be surprised to hear that money is not the only motivation for the cryptocurrency miner.

Bitcoin mining has received considerable media exposure in the past years. This is a very interesting situation, because this activity is done by a rather small sector of the population. However, few people know what it actually is and, most importantly, why miners do it. A common misconception is that people do mining in order to solve complex mathematical equations.

This is indeed a part of the process, but it is only a means to an end. The actual goal of those who do it is different and not singular. Although the cost for mining a single block has increased, the activity remains very popular and miners have found new ways of hashing without investing a lot of money into electricity and hardware. This even includes using our home computers, laptops and mobile devices which has allow almost anyone to get aboard the cryptocurrency passive income gravy train.

If you would like to start cryptocurrency hashing, you should first understand some basic rules about these activities, as well as important terminologies you will need.

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