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Cushion Cut Quilt Pattern

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This pattern includes instructions for Cot, Throw, Queen and King size quilts.

Inspired by a love of geometry and gemstone cuts, this quilt uses careful colour choices to create a 3-dimensional effect. Create light and shadow around the centre squares, fussy-cut fabrics or dive into your stash for a scrappy print style. Play with light backgrounds to highlight each gemstone or use dark tones to contrast a beautiful set of jewel-tone gems.

Finished Sizes:
Cot Size: 36in x 48in
Colour A: 1/8 yard
Colour B: 1/2 yard
Colour C: 1/8 yard
Background (BG): 5/8 yard
Binding: 3/8 yard
Backing: 3 1/8 yards

Throw Size: 60in x 84in
Colour A: 3/4 yard
Colour B: 1 3/8 yards
Colour C: 3/4 yard
Background (BG): 2 2/3 yards
Binding: 5/8 yard
Backing: 5 1/8 yards

Queen Size:
72in x 96in
Colour A: 1 1/4 yards
Colour B: 1 7/8 yards
Colour C: 1 1/4 yards
Background (BG): 3 5/8 yards
Binding: 5/8 yard
Backing: 8 2/3 yards

King Size: 108in x 108in
Colour A: 1 7/8 yards
Colour B: 3 1/8 yards
Colour C: 1 7/8 yards
Background (BG): 6 yards
Binding: 7/8 yard
Backing: 9 2/3 yards
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