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Wells and Wanderers - Amorites

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Sometimes freedom and family are found in unexpected places.

Inanna, an Amorite chieftain's daughter, craves to be free as the eagles that fly above her hometown.
Utu, her loyal twin, just wants to keep his wayward sister out of trouble.
Neither succeeds, and their dreams are uprooted as they're sold into slavery. During their forced travels, they encounter nations they’d only known from stories, palaces beyond description, and fickle kings claiming to be all-powerful deities.
Yet when serving the wandering household of Avram and Sarai from Ur, they encounter a mystery god intent on upturning national boundaries, calling new loyalties, and directing the eyes of his followers to dreams vaster than the star-filled sky.

But what has this god of unexpected paths and promises to offer two Amorite slaves?
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2 weeks ago

Light of Nations

Loved this book! Have been on the hunt for good Biblical era fiction, and this did not disappoint! Loved how the author used more Hebraic-anglicised spellings of classic Bible characters, it did help me to imagine myself in that culture and time period more and helped me experience these stories in a new way. Was so encouraged by the testimonies of characters seeing El Shaddai at work, and has excited me to read more Old Testament!


4 months ago

Wells and Wanderers

Very well written. An easy to read format and some interesting added background which makes it so readable. Fiction and facts wound together to make a great story.


6 months ago

The story of Abraham

Loved this book and couldn't put it down. I love the story of Abraham and it was a refreshing way to experiance and revist it. Would recomend it to anyone.

Debbie F.

Verified Buyer

7 months ago

Thought provoking

Christine's book brings the Biblical characters to life. God is faithful to Abraham and Sarah, even though they are unfaithful and try to make things happen in their time, not God's. One of the themes of the book is "where is true freedom found?" and we explore this through the lives of twin slaves who come into Abraham and Sarah's household and eventually into God's family. God is truly the "Light of the Nations". Aren't we as Gentiles truly blessed to be adopted into His family?

Carol B.

Verified Buyer

9 months ago


This is a delightful retelling of the account of Abraham and Sarah, in the Bible. The characters are brought to life. It’s thought-provoking. Is God trustworthy? Worth following? Does He truly know us and care for us? Ianana, a slave girl who is part of Abraham’s household, wrestles with these questions throughout her life, as she watches God interact with Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar. This book is well worth the read. At the end, the point is made that our praying for loved ones over years, is a reflection of God’s love for them, and desire to know them. I had never thought of that. I received a free copy of this book, with no obligation.