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Everyone has written him off, but failure isn’t in Doyle’s DNA. As new team leader everyone has eyes on him. Too bad all he can see is the hot new recruit.


On the back of the Valentine's team's first mission, they've been recruited for an unusual assignment. Doyle knows the agency is waiting for him to fail. He's determined to succeed. Falling for the new team member is not in his plans. His heart has other ideas.


Perez is reeling from the revelation that his long-time team were dirty. No one in the agency trusts him but they can’t find the proof to nail him. He’s furious to be dumped with the only team with a worse reputation than his. Even worse, he’s attracted to the hard-as-nails and charismatic team leader. He wants to walk away but his pride won’t let him.


First they have to discover the identity of Stoneman. Is it a person, an object, or a code? Can Doyle and Perez keep their hands off each other as they solve the mystery?


If you like your action and adventure with hot alpha men who clash and kiss, you’ll love His Sentinel.

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