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Wander: Venture beyond the hero's journey as a pilgrim of the world. A tarot guidebook.

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In story and mythology, the hero's journey (or monomyth) is a kind of narrative template. We recognize the hero's journey at our core because many of our beloved stories are modeled on it: the hero goes on an adventure, experiences a crisis or battle and returns home transformed. This arc works well for story because there are elements of truth that we can all relate to, whether we're battling dragons or not.

The numbers on tarot can be read chronologically like this journey, centering a hero who encounters obstacles and triumphs along a linear path with a clear beginning, middle and end. I dig that... But this linear journey has its limits— at least when it comes to my own lived experience.

My journey has been meandering. Not all of my triumphs have felt particularly triumphant in the moment, and not all of my losses were the failures I thought they would be. What I've been hungry for is a sense of belonging to this world and becoming more myself despite (thanks to?) the ups and downs.

When we travel off the beaten path of a linear hero's journey and bushwhack beyond spreads and questions, tarot becomes something even richer than a tool for divination: it becomes a lived and living language. When we practice using this language, daily experiences become encounters with the infinite within.

I invite you to experience tarot as a story unfolding from the inside-out with rich, complex connections you're meant to notice in your life. This 25-page PDF guidebook offers a simple, adaptable framework for you to do just that.

What's inside:

  • Fully hyperlinked Table of Contents for easy digital navigation.
  • Printer-friendly, minimalistic black and white design for easy real-world use.
  • The basics of my tarot framework, including: climates, ecosystems, archetypal lineage and the path of pilgrimage.
  • Guidance for your own lunar-inspired contemplative practice, including helpful advice, a printable journal guide, and a calendar the seasons and lunation for the 2023-24 astrological year— complete with zodiac-ecosystem correspondences.

You will get a PDF (362KB) file