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Where Should You Position Light in a Space?

Lighting Design Online Course

Want to learn how designers make interiors look so good at night?

Get our simplified system that uses the 5 key ingredients of interior lighting to quickly equip you to create wonderful lighting designs for any room.


Lighting Design For All

Our mission is simplify the lighting design process so anyone can create wonderful interiors. This is the quick and easy way to transform any room of your home or business with lighting.

Lighting design the easy way.

You mustn’t confuse simple with unsophisticated – this really works. If you can follow a recipe to make a cake, you’ll be able to follow my system to cook with light and create wonderfully lit spaces!

5 Ingredient System

I’m Andrew Orange and I’m a lighting designer that teaches interior designers and homeowners on how to create lighting designs to transform their interior spaces.


When life is so busy I need to rely upon designs and ideas that are quick and easy to create.


So after all these years as a designer, I’m stripping back lighting to it’s bear essentials and I’m going to show you how to professionally design with light every time using just 5 key ingredients.

Lighting Made Easy for Homeowners

This is the course for everyone who wants to equip themselves with the skills to design their own lighting scheme without any previous design training or technical know how.


This is for you if you want to cleverly improve your lighting in your own home without major building work.


This is for you if you want to prepare for your own building project and need some help without having the budget to employ a lighting designer.

Lighting Made Easy for Designers

Fast track your design education and learn our simple system with a step by step guide to using the 5 key principles of interior lighting to quickly equip you to create a wonderful lighting layout for any room - anytime.

This system helps you quickly so you can progress your design with confidence, safe in the knowledge that it's like having your own lighting designer by your side.

Avoid Overload

This teaches you everything you need to know when it comes to the fundamentals of lighting design, without the overload.

It has been tailored to give you a solid foundation in your lighting design educational journey, avoiding unhelpful jargon and details that may only bring confusion. This is practical, teaching you exactly what you need to know to create your own design without any prior design experience.

Take Back Control

So many customers over the years have cried out for help to us in the middle of their project, realizing that the standard lighting scheme usually delivered by a contractor and their electrician just isn’t meeting their expectations but they lacked the knowledge to empower themselves.


What I am trying to do is open the door for anyone who cares about designing with light, and build your knowledge to give you great results. Quick and Easy Results.

Achieve Professional Results

Have you ever walked into a hotel, restaurant or someone's home and wondered how you could achieve the same results for yourself?

Of course, architects and designers spend a lifetime honing their skills but common to every well lit room there is a core set of well resolved questions, and we reveal them to you within this course.

Who is This For?

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about lighting design, increase their confidence in creating a great looking room and save money.

Buy this course if you are:

  1. Extending or creating a house.
  2. Refurbishing a room.
  3. Wanting a simple low cost upgrade to a room without extensive building work
  4. An architect or designer using light as a professional and need more confidence and skills.
  5. A property developer who wants to increase the value of your property by creating a professional standard.

What You'll Learn

Whether you're a brand new beginner to making design decisions or you know some of the basics already, we'll start at the beginning and keep it simple but still deliver sophisticated results via this process. Here's an overview of what we'll cover in the course:

  1. Lighting Plans: We'll introduce the lighting plan and how to simply set up your own drawing ready to begin designing with light.
  2. Contrast: You will begin with the essential lighting design rule of creating contrast within your space.
  3. Levels: Learn another lighting design rule of varying physical heights of light to create visual interest.
  4. 5 Ingredients: We'll introduce you to each ingredient, a lighting design principle, with real examples and why each one is important to include.
  5. Layering: Learn the application of layering with light, in preparation to begin choosing where your light needs to be.
  6. Using the 5 Ingredients: This is where you get practical, as we show you how to use each principle beginning with the 5 key questions to ask at each stage to build your design.
  7. Parallel Case Study: We demonstrate how to apply each principle using a real life example, showing how our lighting plan develops at each stage.
  8. Cook Up Your Lighting Layout: Our step by step guide to appraising your choices to create a refined brilliant result of your own, a lighting plan with enough information to be ready to go and choose your lighting.

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Lighting Design Online Course #1 : 5 Ingredients