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Evangelical Worship is Spiritual Worship. (1660)

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This Annotated PDF version of Matthew Poole's Evangelical Worship is Spiritual Worship [1660] is one of the selections in Strait Gate Publications' Annotated Theological Library, G. Wm. Foster, Jr., Ed. Copyright 2019 by Strait Gate Publications, Charlotte, NC.

In this sermon from John 4:23-24 preached in 1660, the English Puritan pastor and famed Bible annotator, Matthew Poole, presents the biblical and Reformed view of the “regulative principle” of worship. The title of the sermon clearly indicates the flow of the presentation: Evangelical Worship is Spiritual Worship. He ably maintains that spiritual worship — as opposed to merely ceremonial, legalistic, idolatrous, “creative” attempts at worship by human additions, traditions and inventions — is the only worship which God accepts. He said: “A hypocrite neither cares much to know, nor regards to do as he ought; so the work be done, he cares for no more. [But] a gracious person: 1. Is careful to know what worship will please God. 2. Conscientious to offer up such worship.”

This reset, modernized version also has the added features of: an exhaustive Scripture Index; a Glossary and Phrase, Notes and Annotations and Scripture Links sections; all are internally linked for maximum maneuverability within the document.
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