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Sarge/Dragon signed by Harley Wylde

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Sarge (Dixie Reapers MC 14)

Katya -- Before my father ruined my life, I knew I had to get my nephew Theo to safety. My sister told me about the man who got her pregnant, but not where to find him. It never occurred to me the man would be so sexy, or so alpha. Now I don’t want to leave, but if I don’t hell will come knocking.

Sarge -- Never knew I had a son, nor did I know his mother had a sister. Seeing Katya haul back her fist to take down a Prospect was the hottest thing I’d ever witnessed, and I knew then and there she’d be mine. I’ll do whatever it takes to drive that home to her, even if I have to tie her to the bed and remind her over and over she belongs with me.

Dragon (Devil’s Fury MC 3)

Lilian -- I survived the Columbian cartel, but couldn’t stand to be touched. Yet there’s one man who makes me feel safe. Dragon. I never counted on things getting heated between us, or me ending up pregnant. Now I’m on the run. I thought I’d found sanctuary with the Reckless Kings, but it only put me in the crosshairs of a lunatic intent on revenge.

Dragon -- Lilian asked for my help learning self-defense. I never counted on those lessons bringing us closer together, and now she’s carrying my kid. When she's kidnapped, the man who dared touch what's mine will pay with his life. I’m coming for her, and once she’s back in my arms I’m never letting her go.

WARNING: Sarge/Dragon Duet has darker themes that may be triggers for some readers, including graphic violence and vigilante justice and alpha heroes who will stop at nothing to protect their women. Guaranteed HEAs and no cliffhangers!