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Kicking it for Convenience - (e-book) PREORDER

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The course of my life changed with a phone call. One minute I’m playing kickball and running my construction company. The next my grandfather's lawyer calls me to say I have to be married for a year to collect my vast inheritance. 

Bad news when I'm as single as they come. 

Collecting the money seemed a pipe dream… until I got a call that a sink at the Radiance Theater had sprung a leak. I hurried to the job site and, to my surprise, had an instant connection with the theater’s new owner. Soren needs money to finish renovations on the Radiance. I need a husband. 

A temporary marriage was the answer to both our problems. Yet with skeptical family and friends doubting our relationship and a hurricane churning in the horizon, will our connection become more fact than fiction? Or will we break under the storm of reality?

This is a PREORDER of Kicking it for Convenience, which will be available on March 4th, 2024.

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