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Masquerade Assassin

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A night of festivities ends in bloodshed…

Pierce is forced against his will to make an attempt on the King’s life. But when he is caught, the truth can only set him free. With a sister held captive and a hidden organization set on dethroning the king the only one that can stop the bloodshed is the princess herself.

Princess Kero faces the test of time when she is forced to challenge the Queen on a matter of attire. The party is close to starting and time is running out. But Kero finds a way to turn things in her favor and meet new friends along the way. But one moment will decide if she should trust the one that’s not worthy or leave him to the wrath of a King.

What lengths will Kero go through to keep those she loves safe? Will Pierce save his sister or will he hang. Find out in the second installment of Tales of Tarza. Where the masks hide the fears their actions destroy.
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