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The Unwilling Viscount and the Vixen

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A betrothal made without his permission…

…the determined bride who refuses to renege.

Who will win this battle?

Lucien, Viscount Hastings, has no time for the English mouse his family has arranged for him to marry. He’s focused on locating the man responsible for the attack and murder of his wife and unborn child. Once he discovers their whereabouts, he’ll wreak revenge.

Cursed with the sight and rumors of witchcraft, Rosalind’s only chance at an ordinary life is marriage to the viscount. She doesn’t expect love, only security, and children of her own.

Life at Castle St. Clair is wrought with danger and secrets, and when Rosalind is plagued by a series of mysterious accidents, she turns to her husband for protection.

Forced to keep Rosalind close, and tempted into passionate kisses, Lucien soon finds himself in grave danger of falling in love with his own wife…

You’ll love this gothic romance with a marriage of convenience, second chances, and two lost lovers who learn their destiny is to live together rather than apart.
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