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2 Cents FB Ads : Outrageous $0.02 Clicks With Facebook Ads (Better Than PPC!)

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2 Cents FB Ads : Outrageous $0.02
Clicks With Facebook Ads (Better Than

If you read my email the other day you'll know
that there is a quick, reliable and cheaper way
of getting traffic to any site you want using the
power of Facebook Ads!

This brand new course reveals secrets to
getting insanely cheap traffic for as little as
$0.02 cents per click!

This is not 'dirt' traffic either - this is
targeted traffic that are full of buyers!

If you're working too hard to get your traffic
organically using articles, link submissions,
press releases, video submissions and so on,
and need another source of traffic that doesn't
require any effort on your part, then this new
course is ideal for you!

Here's a more in-depth look at what's inside...

Video #1: Introduction To Facebook Ads

- The benefits of Facebook Ads - How you
can utilize Facebook as keys to cheap
effective targeted traffic
- How you can create Facebook ads and how
you can reap benefits from them - The way
you should be looking at ads that fail
- Methods to tweak your ad campaigns and
how you should be open to change

Video #2: Setting Up A Tracking System Using
Prosper 202

- How to set up your tracking system - How
to keep your focus completely on your ads
- How to utilize Prosper 202 Tracking System
to your advantage and reap benefits out of it
- How to set up your own account and the
ways to go about it
- How to set an account for yourself by taking
a look at an example

Video #3: Research Analysis

- What you should do before you begin
running a Facebook ad campaign
- Why knowing your audience is important
- The inside mechanics of creating an ad
- The things that you need to bear in mind
in particular - About the people whom you
should target and targeting options

Video #4: Creating A Good Image

- Why it is critical to use images for your ad
campaigns - Using images to capture
marketers' attention
- Term called "retargeting" by means of
an example - How you can make the
images you choose benefit your ad
- The different ways to make an image

Video #5: Working With The  Headlines

- Why you should make your headline
- How a simple headline can do wonders for
your Facebook Ad campaign
- Some examples of what is called as
"exploding headlines"
- Headlines to use that grab the attention of
the audience
- Things you should and should NOT say in
your headlines

Video #6: Working With The Body

- The 90 characters that you need to write for
the body of your ad - How you can make the
audience read into your ad and not just walk
away after seeing your headline
- Why it is important to be precise in the body
of the ad
- Making people click on your ad using the
90 characters you are allowed - Insights on
how an ad gets accepted or rejected by
Facebook algorithms

Video #7: Targeting Effectively

- What is the key to cheap clicks
- The upside and downside of targeting
- How you can target the interests of people
looking at your ad campaigns
- Parameters that are critical to successful
ad campaigns
- How you would be able to determine the
interests of people whom you are argeting

Video #8: Getting Your Ads Approved

- How you can actually get your ads approved
- Basic things you need to understand about
Facebook's terms of service
- Why understanding Facebook's policies
and guidelines is critical
- The privacy policy of any landing page and
why it is important
- Essential things that you should have on
your landing page

Video #9: Landing Page Secrets

- The basics of a successful landing page
- How success of other people can help you
to get going
- Why conversion is critical for your ads
- Things you should avoid so you can avoid
getting banned
- How you avoid bad user experience and
enhance buyers' overall experience

Video #10: Tweaking Your Campaign

- How to figure out what you can do to
enhance the clicks on your ads - Why you
should use multiple campaigns to figure out
which one works best for you
- The reports you can utilize to
improve click-throughs - How you can tweak
your ads visually to get more clicks
- Why you should run multiple ads and just
keep the ones that are performing well for you

Video #11: The Facebook Ad Panel

- Why it is important to set up a relevant ad
and a relevant landing page
- How you can gain high returns on your
- Importance of choosing the right kind of
- How you would be able to reduce the cost
per click
- Why it is critical for your ad to be relevant
to your product

Video #12: Custom Audiences Overview

- Whom you should target to get cheap clicks
- Who your custom audiences are
- How you can use an email list in building
custom audiences
- Using fan pages for building custom audiences
- Utilizing software to creating custom audiences

Video #13: Getting Your Campaign

- Custom audience and what you would need
to get started
- An example on how to create an audience
- How you can customize your ad to reach a
certain number of people - Using the Optimization
& Pricing area for your ad
- Where you would need to key in your bid

Video #14: How to Find The Perfect

- Ways to find custom audiences - How to go
into Facebook and create different streams
of people to become your custom audience
- Determining the people who would be
interested in your offer
- If you would be able to create your custom
audience with a software
- If you can utilize the groups that are
already created on Facebook

Video #15: What’s Inside The Names

- What you should be doing with your
custom audiences
- Steps you should follow once you have
found your audience
- How you can manually set up your custom
- Method to find the ID of a Facebook user
- How to use the Facebook user ID to create
an audience

Video #16: Uploading Samples

- Uploading the audience file created in the
audience section
- Why using Google Chrome is important
- Where exactly you should be starting
- Step by step instructions on how to actually
create the audience by the upload method
- Few other things that you can do inside
custom audiences

Video #17: Selecting Audiences

- How you test a look alike audience
- Taking an existing campaign to your custom
- Testing and tweaking your campaign for your
- The importance of creating custom audience
for lower click rates
- Why it is important to test your audience

Video #18: Add Email Marketing To
Your Ad Campaign

- How you can link email marketing to your
ad campaign
- Why it is important to get that traffic since
you have paid for it
- The importance of having an auto-responder
- Steps related to get started on email
- How you can make your sign up more

Video #19: Creatig i-Frame For
Affiliate Offers

- How to use a third party application to
create an IFrame
- How you can use IFrame for affiliate offers
- Step by step instructions on where you
can put your affiliate link
- How these affiliate links will help you divert
the traffic
- How to publish your offer in the form of a
tab on your Facebook fan page

Video #20: Creating Tab For Your Page

- Creating a tab to your Facebook fan page
- Reason behind using tabs on your fan page
- How tabs help to reduce the cost - Why it
is important to promote yourself and not get
people distracted
- Some of the third party applications you
could use to achieve all of the above

Video #21: How To Send People To
Your Videos

- How to display videos on a tab
- How placing videos in a tab reduces cost
- Step by step instructions to include a video
in a tab - How
you can use a YouTube channel name to
include a video
- What is called a "featured video"

Buying traffic and turning a profit is nothing
new - however getting clicks for as little as
$0.02 per click is rare - good luck finding
that on Google Ads!

You don't need to be a PPC expert, a
copywriting genius, or have loads of
start-up cash.

All you’ll need is the right mindset to
implementing them fully—once you learn
how to spend money on traffic this way...
you’re really 'buying' future sales.

Make sure you grab from the link below and
then you can watch over my shoulder as I
show you want to do step-by-step!

But you must hurry because this generous
price will not be around forever!

You will get a ZIP (899KB) file
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