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Passive Profits with Payhip!

Learn How to Make Passive Income Selling Digital Products with a Payhip Shop!

Do any of these apply to you:

  • “I'm just getting started with creating passive income products don't have the budget to spend thousands on starting an online shop?”

  • “I’m tired of living paycheck to paycheck and want to find ways to bring in some additional income passively”

  • “I’m a service provider! I’m tired of trading my time for money. “I wish I could stop trading time for money, but I don’t know where to start.”

  • “I’m retired and am looking for ways to bring in more income”…

If this is you, then the Passive Profits with Payhip course could be the solution.

For the past 2 years, I’ve been using Payhip to run a shop that allows me to sell passive income products 24/7 to customers all around the world.

This course includes jam packed video lessons that feature tips on:

  • How to start your own Payhip shop and create a digital product to sell in as little as a DAY! 

  • How to Brand your Payhip shop so that it looks professional and polished

  • Tips on How to Price your Products for PROFIT 

  • Advanced Pricing strategies to help you earn MORE from the products that you sell in your shop (without having to create new ones)

  • How to Launch your shop with a BANG!

  • How to Market and Advertise your Shop (for FREE) 

Plus you will get access to EPIC Bonuses that include:

BONUS #1: Copy and Paste Email Autoresponder Templates ($49 Value)

Copy and paste email autoresponder templates that will put you on the fast track to selling your digital products on autopilot. This way you dont have to worry about struggling to write sales emails from scratch!

BONUS #2: Product Promo Graphics ($20 Value)

These templates include a set of done for you graphics that you can use to market and promote your passive income products beautifully on social media.

BONUS #3: 101 Money Making Passive Income Products (Swipe File)

This swipe file includes a mega list of 101 Money Making Digital Products that you can create with Canva!

Instead of trying to figure out what kind of digital product to sell, Ive done the work for you and put together a handy swipe file of potential products that you can sell in your Payhip shop.

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Course curriculum

  • First Section
    • Course Overview and Introduction
    • Lesson 1: Getting your Shop Setup and Payment Systems Connected
    • Lesson 2: Branding your Payhip Shop Like a CHAMP to Look Professional and Polished
    • Lesson 3: Pricing your Products for Profit!
    • Lesson 4: Advanced Pricing Strategies and Making MORE Profit from the Products you Sell
    • Lesson 5: Launching your Shop with a BANG!
    • Lesson 6: How to Market and Advertise your Shop for $0 Dollars
    • Lesson 7 (BONUS): Advanced Strategies to Get MORE Sales to your Shop
    • Thank You + Your Next Steps...
    • BONUS #1: Email Autoresponder Swipe Files
    • BONUS #2: Done for you Product Promo Graphics
    • BONUS #3: 101 Money Making Digital Products to Sell Swipe File

COURSE + BONUSES (Total Value $108)

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