Here's Hank! Bookmarks Are People Too!.

by Teacher Timesavers

Here's Hank!  Bookmarks are People Too! Grades 2-3
Written by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver this is the first of a new series featuring Hank Zipzer when he is in the second grade. Hank has difficulty with reading and writing and wants to be in a play performed by his class. A special part is written for him and when the class bully forgets his lines Hank saves the day. 

Each Novel Study contains an average of 65  pages and includes:

Suggestions for teaching the unit.
A vocabulary list
Comprehension questions.
Activity cards for grammar.
Creative writing.
Word study.
Research and integrated activities.
Tracking and record sheets.
Answer key

You will get a PDF (891KB) file.

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$ 9.95

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