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Join four freewheeling young women with their heads in the clouds as they navigate a host of romantic experiences both sweet and savory in this latest eclectic collection of lesbian-themed short films.

VIDEO FILE: 1hr 22mins, HD mp4 with burnt-in English subtitles where appropriate

THIRST dir. Maider Oleaga

Izaro and Clara, both 17, work as instructors at a children's summer camp. On a hot summer's day, Clara gives her friend Izaro a passionate kiss.

APRIL'S LAST MEMORIES dir. Nancy Cruz Orozco

Camila and April grew up together in a little town on the coast and are best friends. There is an obvious although at times uncomfortable attraction between them. With April's family soon moving to the city, the pair realise that just as the sexual awareness is blooming, it may be their last chance to express their true feelings for one another.

ENLIGHTENED dir. Nina Bouchaud-Cheval

Zoe, a lonely teenager, escapes a painful family life by spending time with a community of travelers. When her father suddenly dies, France, a rebellious young Romani, takes her on the road to organize a traditional Romani wake.


Andy is in three open relationships. At a New Year’s Eve party, girlfriend Marion proposes they pay a surprise visit to her two other partners, Berta and Cris. As the night frantically unfurls across the streets of Barcelona, Andy's emotions become caught in a tailspin as she tries to navigate these relationships.

You will get a MP4 (5GB) file