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Memorable Docker is the best book to help you learn Docker quickly. 

Too often, technical books are overloaded with jargon and put you to sleep. 😴

Memorable Docker is different. 🎉

In Memorable Docker you'll learn Docker the fun, brain friendly way. 🧠

Jeff Hale's engaging style, complete with dad jokes, will keep you awake. He uses the latest research in psychology and education to help you learn Docker quickly. Memorable Docker contains everything  you need to learn Docker, without the minutia you don't. 

Docker is the most popular container technology. It's vital to building scalable applications.  

Memorabe Docker is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about Docker containers. It starts with the basics and covers topics including data, networking, security best practices, and speed.

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When you buy the ebook, updates are free! 👍

Jeff Hale is a passionate technology educator. He lives in Washington, DC with two wonderful kids, an intelligent, lovely, considerate spouse, an ancient beagle, and a cute kitten. When he's not organizing, educating, or doing data science you'll likely find him in the gym or on the trail. 🗻
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