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Discovering How to Stand In The Gap At The Movies

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In a 2006 “Signs of the Times” article printed on a foreign website, Oorsprong van artikel writes of Christianity in America: “Mainline Christianity continues to flourish abroad and languish in the U.S. … Now whether you agree or not, something has radically changed in the eyes of our brothers and sisters around the world. They see the American Church at best adrift, and at worst, apostate.” (Emphasis added.)  As in the days of the prophets, there are many even in the Church who do not follow His word.  In this anthology I’ve titled Discovering How to Stand in the Gap, I’ve combined several issues of my newsletter where I used the story of how people have answered the call recorded in Ezekiel 22:30 to “Stand in the Gap.”

I hope you’ll consider using this with a High School or College group study and conversation. Or, perhaps some pastors could be moved by God in developing a sermon for a church service.
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