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Paul Gibbons dislikes cats.
The only problem? He’s part one.
And the cats that come to him for help won’t let him forget it. Enter a parallel world where some cats have nine lives and some humans do too.

Imaginative and heartwarming, The Pawprints Collection cleverly blends the fantastical with the ordinary; the familiar with the bizarre.

Join Paul and his feline companion as they navigate a dangerous world where secrets can be a weapon.

And discerning friend from foe becomes a way to harness power.

In these five captivating stories brimming with strange intrigue, fantasy and daring, you will enter a world where a cat’s curiosity could not only get them killed but wipe them from existence.

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Domestic Disturbance


The Language of Flowers (From This Day Forward, Bk 1)


Dream of Me


Her Tender Touch


Touch of Paradise




Five Holiday Tales


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Dark Love


When the Snow Falls