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Having A Peace Of Mind

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The Lord instructed me to teach a series on "Having A Peace of Mind." I went to God in prayer again in reference to the scriptures He wanted me to teach from and the formula or how He wanted me to teach this series.
After praying, I sat at my desk, typed the title, subject, and date. I was amazed at what happened next. My fingers would not stop typing. Scriptures begin pouring into me like flowing water. After each section of my writing, I got caught up in the word of God even more. I couldn't stop crying. I couldn't stop reading and meditating on God's word.
The Lord then told me to keep all of my notes, thoughts, and teachings. The voice of God came to me so clear; not audibly, but inwardly. Teach This!!
Coming from a place of hurt, let down and disappointment just to name a few. 
My testimony and my breakthrough were being released right before me. 
The more I taught, Having A Peace of Mind, the more people called into our conference call Bible Study to receive a word from the Lord. (And keep in mind all this took place during the pandemic.) Each time I thought the series was coming to an end, the more God poured into me to study and teach.

We started this series in February; when March came and we were still learning the series of Having a Peace of Mind; someone asked, "wait a minute when is the book coming out because I have some family members who need this word."
And that's when it hit me, to share the message with those who were going through the same or almost the same obstacles, burdens, issues, concerns, or whatever you want to title them, I was going through. This book was birthed out of me to encourage not only others but myself when it came to the everyday survival of Having A Peace Of Mind.
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