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The Breakaway

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An astounding supernatural story of Amelia Carrie Robinson, where she unknowingly experiences the duality between the spiritual and physical worlds. When human beings need help with their life purpose, spiritual forces attempt to reconnect with their corresponding physical selves on Earth to lend aid while remaining invisible. Amelia struggles through life, facing opposition and dark forces trying to lead her away from her true purpose and mission on Earth. From using her free will against her, to keeping her ineffective for The Kingdom, Amelia is beset on all sides. While her higher self leads spiritual forces in a risky attempt to come to her aid, Amelia needs more than just invisible aid--she needs a guide and protector to keep her united with The Kingdom and lead her safely through trials and tribulations. She'll need all the help she can get to take on a dangerous bonded mission... one she already agreed to do before she became human.
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