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The Encyclopedia of Christianity in the Book of Revelation

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Jonathan Photius, the author of ‘Seven Times Unto The Dispersion Consummation,’ offers new research in supporting the long forgotten Classical Historicism method for interpreting biblical prophecies in the book ‘The Encyclopedia of Christianity in the Book of Revelation.’ Historicist scholars always viewed prophecies as a continuous fulfillment of events throughout our history up to the Second Coming. Neo-Historicism is a post-modern method of reinterpreting the Apocalypse through a similar historical lens, but with a newer Eastern Orthodox perspective and its emphasis on a more Christological-centric view of the Book of Revelation. This groundbreaking work offers biblical scholars never-seen-before analysis and an alternative perspective on chapters 6 to 20 in the Book of Revelation, showing that St. John foretold these events:
  • The Ante-Nicene Era and its fight against heresies
  • The rise and fall of the greatest Christian theologian
  • The Arian conspiracy that tortured the church for 150 years
  • The fall of the Western Roman Empire to the Barbarians
  • The Age of the Councils and rise of monasticism
  • The Rise of Islam, the Inquisitions and the Black Plague
  • The Papacy, the Reformation and Age of Enlightenment
  • The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and return of the Jews
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