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There is a long-standing legend about Candyman Flixtor in Chicago. The black man loved to treat the kids with sweets, but one day the kids find a blade in sweets. The good man is handed over to the police, who beat him, torture him, and then completely kill him in front of the residents. But soon the story with sweets repeats itself and it becomes clear that an innocent person died. But an avenger-killer appears, and, according to the Chicagoans, he is a whole swarm of damned souls hungry for someone else's blood. The black artist Anthony McCoy, like many modern Americans, does not believe in the horror legend of an evil spirit, which has a hook instead of a hand. He, not listening to the cautious girlfriend Brianna Cartwright, somehow jokingly stands in front of the mirror, and repeats the name of the killer five times, not expecting that he will not be slow to come to him. The ghost comes and takes possession of the poor man's body, forcing him to commit bloody crimes. But the frightened McCoy now does not know how to get rid of the demonic entity that enslaved him, because he himself summoned Candyman, who made him a criminal.
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