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Serendipity Adventure Romance 4 Book bundle (AI audiobook)

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Audiobook by Anna Lowe, narrated by a computer-generated voice, delivered by BookFunnel.

Please note: unlike most of Anna's audiobooks, these stories are narrated by a computer-generated voice. They are NOT intended to replace full quality audiobooks narrated by a professional, real life narrator. However, this version does allow fans to listen to an audio version at a hugely discounted rate. Anna Lowe only uses AI technology for audio projects that would not be otherwise viable to produce.

Four exciting stories in one red-hot volume = even more adventure, even more romance!

Love is always an adventure, but these exotic and exciting stories ramp up the action along the way. In Book 1, Uncharted, Seth and Julie sail the reefs of Belize to escape a band of ruthless smugglers. In Book 2, Entangled, Tobin and Cara are high in the jungles of Panama, considering a very long drop down a waterfall. In Book 3, Windswept, scuba instructor Mia Whitman has travelled to Bonaire to forget, not forgive the man who broke her heart. But trouble is brewing in this Caribbean island paradise — above and below the waterline. In Book 4, Adrift, Meredith Whitman isn’t in the sunny Caribbean looking for trouble, especially not in the form of the Russian Mafia. Still, trouble is what she gets – along with a second chance at true love.

What ties these stories together? The sailboat, Serendipity, which a wise grandfather left to his grandchildren in his will. Each set of siblings from four groups of cousins gets their turn sailing the tropics aboard Serendipity. Come join them for fun, adventure, and romance in Books 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the series, bundled together for an unbeatable discount price!

If you enjoyed Romancing the Stone or Sandra Bullock's The Lost City, you'll love these books!
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