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Bonus Combo! 5 packages (Certificate included)

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Thank you for your interest, please view the following information on our online courses targeted to our beginner and experienced nail techs.

Here’s your chance to learn the next level of skills that separates the average nail tech from industry leaders. Alyssa Harewood Internationally Trained Nail Artist, Licensed Nail Tech and creator of Polished Pawzz designed this exclusive chance for you to supercharge or create your skills with online and virtual training.

We are offering one full package course with a certificate of completion or smaller skill based focused packages without certification. Please read the following information and choose a package that's suitable for you.

Package 2
Cost: 84.99usd
This package includes how to create acrylic beads, proper nail prep, the application of nail forms, applying a form to a deformed nail and acrylic application.

Package 3
Cost: 81.99usd
This course is designed for beginner nail techs or advanced techs facing daily challenges with filing and shaping. This package includes filing, shaping contouring, gel polish prep and application, tips and tricks on how we define our shaping with our gel polish application. After all we know gel polish can sadly change the shape of our nail.

Package 4
Cost: 89.99 usd
Nail art, this package includes line art, colour blocking and marbling techniques.
Once completed techs should have a better understanding of how to practice making straight lines and creating other designs with the techniques taught.

Package 5
Cost: 95.99usd
Perfect pink and whites and back filling.
This packages includes how to perfect your smile lines and techniques in order to back fill efficiently and effectively.

Package 6
Cost : 79.99usd
Prep and refilling in 35mins.
This package includes the removal of gel polish, how to prep for a refill and how to save time refilling and shaping.

Bonus Combo

Purchase 5 packages (package 2-6)
this also includes a certificate of completion.

This course is designed for the beginner nail tech or advanced nail techs facing challenges with smooth, flawless acrylic application.
This package includes, how to create acrylic beads, proper nail prep, the application of nail forms, applying a form to a deformed nail, acrylic application, shaping, filing, contouring and our infamous gel polish application including our bonus tips and tricks on how we achieve a perfect flawless finished nail, perfecting pink and whites and 3 nail art techniques.

To successfully complete this package and recieve a certificate you must submit short 5 minute video clips following the steps given in each video.
Video 1: Prepping (5 mins)
*Include a photo of all 10 prepped nails
Video 2: Application of acrylic including priming (5 mins)
*Include a photo of your set before shaping and filing
Video 3: Shaping, Filing and Contouring (5 mins)
*Include your finished photo
Video 4: Gel polish application/Pink& whites and the nail art techniques(5 mins)
*Include your finished product ( create a combo with 5 pink and whites, 5 gel polish nail w/ nail art)

We will examine and assess before the certificate is awarded.
Please note all prices are quoted in US dollars and are subject to change without notice.

For more information or alternative payment methods contact us at or send us a whatsapp message to 246-822-3916
You will get the following files:
  • MP4 (679MB)
  • MP4 (789MB)
  • MP4 (119MB)
  • MP4 (137MB)
  • MP4 (1GB)
  • MP4 (20MB)
  • MP4 (385MB)
  • MP4 (563MB)
  • MP4 (41MB)
  • MP4 (207MB)
  • MP4 (1GB)
  • MP4 (148MB)
  • MP4 (1GB)
  • MP4 (109MB)
  • MP4 (1GB)
  • MP4 (302MB)
  • MP4 (26MB)
  • MP4 (524MB)
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