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Succumb: A PNR Dark Romance.

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Some say the terrors of the past can haunt you, that they will mold you into the person you will become. If that's the case, Seraphina Gaelach is going to be very dark and twisted. After all, you would expect nothing less from someone tied to the Angel of Death.

Seraphina has been to hell and back, struggling to fit into society and being shunned for the immortality her power could bring. She craves to be loved, but danger is lurking at every turn, and despite her good intentions, trouble seems to follow her.

Will she ever be able to find love in a world where unknown species are ever-present and dark pasts haunt her? And if she can, will that love be enough to save her from both inner and outer demons? 

Content Warning: The Hierarch Series is a dark paranormal romance. It has elements of the darker side of all natures, animals, and humans including non-consent and dubious consent sex, which may trigger some readers. This series was written when I was in a very dark place and trying to find a way to overcome what I had endured. In the Hierarch Series, the demons of my experience are let out to wreak revenge and tell their stories. It isn’t pretty. It isn’t sweet. It sure as hell isn’t a nice romance. Witness their destruction at your own peril. You have been warned.

The tortured soul, Ebony
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