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Patchwork Quilting Equipment Guide Wise Buys for Beginners

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Just getting started Patchwork Quilting? Excited to have a new hobby?

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the variety of equipment and materials available to patchwork quilters?

Fat Quarters? Thread weights? Walking Foot? Wondering what all the strange language around patchwork quilting actually means?

After 12 years patchwork quilting I can still remember what it felt like starting out. I was so keen to learn how to make a quilt but had little sewing experience and had never set foot in a specialist quilting shop. 

Now I'm priviledged to teach patchwork quilting skills to absolute beginners. Over the years it's saddened me to see some students make well-intentioned but mis-guided equipment purchases that suck the joy out of learning a new craft. It's no fun struggling with inadequate equipment when all you want to do is practice the new skills you are learning. The Patchwork Quilting Equipment Guide will take you through choosing the right equipment to make your new hobby a real pleasure.

Worried about wasting money on the wrong or unnecessary equipment?

The Patchwork Quilting Equipment Guide: Wise Buys for Beginners has alll you need to know to save you money.

Like most hobbies Patchwork Quilting does come with a list of necessary tools and materials which, it has to be said, are not cheap. Making the wrong choices can lead to expensive mistakes. The Equipment Guide takes Beginners as well as more experienced patchwork quilters through the 'why's' and 'wherefores' to ensure intial outlay is spent wisely. Many of the tools will last for years (I'm still using the first cutting mat and the first ruler I bought - 12 years on!). Buying wisely brings great value over time.

Confused by all the strange terms around threads, cuts of fabric and sewing machines?

In the Guide there's all the information you need to prepare you for a browse around a bricks & mortar or virtual Patchwork Quilting store. The Guide has got rotary cutting equipment, threads, needles, fabric, wadding and sewing machines covered! Shop with confidence, make wise buys and get set to love your new hobby!

Interested to know how to look after the equipment you invest in?

I've also included tips about caring for the equipment you buy. This way you can be sure of getting full value back from your purchases. And there's a printable shopping list too!

The Patchwork Quilting Equipment Guide is a resource you can trust!

It's taken me 12 years to accumulate the experience and knowledge shared in this Guide. I intend it to be a resource you can refer to not just at the start of your patchwork quilting journey but for many years to come. I have included information about particular brands of products where appropriate. I have no affiliation with any brand, my recommendations are based on personal experience and observation of the tools and equipment used and recommended by the many patchwork quilters I know.

The legal footnote: Like all digital download products it is not possible for consumers to return this once the download has been made. It accordance with the law it is therefore understood that in purchasing this item the right to return the product within 14 days and the right to a refund are waived.
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