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The word Diadem often conjures up images of crowns and coronets but its origins are to be found way back in ancient Greece when victorious athletes at the games were awarded a band of ribbon; a diadema (διάδημα)

With its crown-like edging and hand-dyed silk ribbons the Diadem shawl is the perfect spoil for any victor! The shawl is worked top down from the widest edge.

1 100g/400m 4ply (illustrated in The Wool Kitchen - Champagne Supernova)
Silk Ribbons (illustrated with Monahan hand-dyed ribbons in Honey and Blossom from Loop London) 3.5mm Circular Knitting Needle (minimum 60 cm)
Tapestry Needle

Overall size: Approximately 60cm/24” at widest point x 140cm/56”
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