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How to Write a Scholarship-Winning Field of Study and Research Program Plan (ebook)

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The Key to Success in Your MEXT Scholarship Application:
Step-by-Step guide to writing a Field of Study and Research Program Plan that will impress your reviewers and secure your scholarship.

The Field of Study and Research Program Plan is the most important document in your MEXT scholarship application that you can control. A researched, clear plan can win your the scholarship, but a poor plan can destroy your chances.

But where do you start? What are reviewers looking for? What should the final plan look like?

How to Write a Scholarship-Winning Field of Study and Research Program Plan answers all of your questions about the document, and walks you through the research and writing, step-by-step.

This book will teach you:

What role the Field of Study and Research Program Plan plays in your application, and how to use it to your greatest advantage,
  • How to choose your research field,
  • How to conduct literature reviews to create and validate a research question,
  • How to select your research methodologies and methods,
  • How to write and format each section of the form, including the length and contents for each section,
  • The best review process to ensure a high quality product.
Plus, it includes reviews of past applicants' submissions, so you can compare your plan to successful applications.

The book also includes a link to downloadable worksheets that will help you get the most value out of each chapter, as well as a free companion email course to help you on your way!

Take Advantage of the Expertise of Thousands of Applicants

Travis Senzaki has spent seven years working in international student recruiting and acceptance for Japanese universities, including three years as the direct point of contact for all MEXT scholarship inquiries and applications at a large, private university. He has personally processed hundreds of applications and has used his experience to help over 5000 MEXT scholarship applicants through the process through the TranSenz Blog, one of the world's leading independent sources of information and advice on the MEXT scholarship.

Travis' Mastering the MEXT Scholarship Application: The TranSenz Guide series builds on his blog articles and well over 2000 questions submitted through the blog, as well as exhaustive research of successful applicants' approaches and experiences to bring you the best practices for every step of the application process.

Get started today!

It is never too early to start thinking about your research topic and preparing your Field of Study and Research Program Plan. Regardless of whether you have already started your application, or are planning to apply a year or more from now, this book can help you today!

Download it now and start reading to make the most of your Field of Study and Research Program Plan so you can give yourself the best possible chance to win the MEXT Scholarship.
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  • PDF (740KB)

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