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Britney SLWC with Toe Spica (Term) Cast Art and Deep Foot Massage After Work (HD 1920 X 1080)

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Britney is back in her apartment after a long day of standing on her casted foot at the retail shop she works at. It was bad enough working with one foot in an slwc for weeks, with her toes hanging out of it,. But it was made far worse when a customer stepped on her exposed big toe a week before necessitating an unwelcome casted toe add-on and more weeks in a cast. Now aside from having cold toes she's also got to content with the plaster edged between her toe cleavage that really annoys her when she gimps. She props her leg up on her coffee table to rest her casted foot and rubs it before deciding to start decorating her pure while cast so it looks prettier. While doing this her BFF shows up and offers to help her decorate her cast. After a while of doing this Britney grabs at and complains about her aching exposed toes and waits for her friend to offer a soothing massage. Britney quickly accepts and what follows is a soothing five-minute-long massage filmed from a variety of angles. Her friend really works on every one of Britney long pretty toes (closeups) before they go off to the kitchen for a snack.

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