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Teaching English Pronunciation and Phonology to EFL Learners

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Learners with good English pronunciation are likely to be understood even if they make errors in other areas.


On the other hand, even if their grammar is perfect, learners with bad pronunciation will not be understood.


Such learners may avoid speaking in English, and experience social isolation, employment difficulties and limited opportunities for further study. 


We often judge people by the way they speak, and so learners with poor pronunciation may be judged as incompetent, uneducated or lacking in knowledge.


So, teaching pronunciation is very important for EFL learners to improve their pronunciation so that their confidence increases. 


That’s why I’ve prepared this book!


The two main goals of this book are:


  1. Providing teachers with the key knowledge of English pronunciation and phonology features.
  2. Giving teachers some insights on how to teach different aspects of pronunciation and phonology. 


By using and following the techniques and tips included in the book, teachers can make a difference in their students’ English pronunciation that is they will be able to improve their pronunciation/speaking a great deal


Their interest in speaking English will also increase and actually often they even will approach learning other aspects of English with a more positive attitude.


By getting this book, you will help your students focus more on their pronunciation and improve it in the long term. As a result, they will communicate more effectively.


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